Friday, October 25, 2013

Pasaway Moments in the Airport

As a solo traveler, maybe because since I don't have anyone to talk to, I can't help but observe the many Pasaway Moments inside the Terminal 4 of NAIA, from the entrance to boarding.  I know you yourself have encountered some of them.

1. Those who have a different definition for empty and those who does not know what a wallet looks like.

No matter how loud or how many times the airport security personnel shouts out the instruction to empty your pockets and place your phones and wallets in your bag, there would always be that person who would be requested to go back for not following, and they're always ahead of you.

2.  Those who think they could get away bringing a large bottle of perfume or an aerosol body spray.

I am guilty with this one.  There is this one time when we emptied a can of body spray to ourselves, so that it wouldn't go to waste.  We were the best smelling passengers in that flight.

3. 100 Peso Lugaw and Mami at the Pre-departure area.

I'm not willing to part with my 100 pesos for that portion of Lugaw in a styro bowl that I could get for 10 pesos outside.  For extreme gutom, I would just get the donuts that's priced the same everywhere.

4.  Those who would create a second line at the gate during boarding and pretend its unintentional.

5.  Those who thinks there's price given to the first person to board the aircaft.

6.  Those who are excited to have their photos taken inside the plane, when you haven't even reached your seat.

7.  Those who would pretend to be seated window side when both of you know ITS YOU!

That's the reason why I don't purchase seats online.  Even if you book it in advance, or request for it at check-in, there will be times that somebody will take over your preferred seat.  If the person is my age, then i would impose, but how would you do that to an elderly or young kid.

8.  Those who have 3 separate bags for hand carried items.

9. Those who seems to have a bladder problem, continuously making trips to the restroom and would impose to be seated window side.

10.  A group who can't stop talking and taking pictures when you're between them.

This are the only items, I have identified do far.  Let me know if you have something to add.

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