Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cafe Adriatico Split Into Two

One evening, I received a text from my bestie asking me to go to Cafe Adriatico for their famous Red Velvet Cake.  I replied with "Ok, See you there!', because now I feel obliged after having ignored the same text message the night before.

When we got there, they don't have it on the cake stand anymore.

To get over our disappointment, we got ourselves glasses of Red Wine, an appetizer, a salad, soup, an entree and dessert.  We ended up having a full course dinner to what was intended to be a midnight snack.

We just asked that the soup and the entree be split into two to make the portions smaller for both of us.

Two glasses of the house red wine.
French Onion Soup
Half serving of the soup we had split into two
Schublig Smothered with Onions

Classic Caesar Salad 

Lola Ising's Adobo Rice 
Half serving of the Adobo Platter we had split into two.
Coupe Ariatico and Coffee Cheesecake

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