Monday, January 20, 2014

Davao City Tour: Day 3 Samal Island

Originally, we were suppose to go Pearl Farm for their day tour package.  The day before, the management suddenly decided not to take in day tour guest.  What was unreasonable, is that they can cancel day tour packages but does not allow cancellation of their overnight booking.

To compensate, we converted our activity to Maxima Aqua Fun Resort.  Like the previous days, our van and guide boarded the barge and took us to the resort.

Maxima is known for the water slides and the blob.  Please take note that the resort is located on cliff without a beach.  Meals are available, and our guide made sure that were well fed.

After swimming, we travelled by land to take our other companions to Pearl Farm where they will stay for the night.  I was dropped of at Camp Holiday Resort where I got a bed for 350 pesos a night in one of their dorm rooms.  It was intended for sharing, but luckily, I had it all to myself.  The resort have a small beach and two swimming pools.  One for the kids and an infinity pool beside the beach area.  A convenience store is located near the entrance for your mini gutom.  The restaurant also serves value meals for less than a hundred pesos.

There were not many visitors in the resort and I just used the time to rest.

My friends love the amenities at Pearl Farm, but was disappointed at the service.  The room was still charged in full, when I already paid 10% online.


  1. i stumbled upon your blog and i find it interesting and helpful. We're going to Davao on August. Ang tagal pa..hehe...I have the luxury of time to plan. :)


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