Friday, March 7, 2014

Aegis and the Rak of Aegis

I have been a fan of theater, but like most of Filipinos, I don't have the money to spend for tickets.  I remember in college, I would watch the free staging of plays and musicals by Intramuros Administration at the many venues within the historical walled city.  I have heard about the musical Rak of Aegis last year.  Being a fan of the group, I am instantly drawn to watching it and curious on how a story develops from their popular songs I would attempt to sing along.

Now, I am very fortunate to belong in a company that supports Filipino Music, Theater and Artists.  Victoria Court have help sponsor concerts of big artists like Regine, Ogie and Musicals like Full Monty, and Rock of Ages.  I literally jumped off my office chair when I found out that, we are also sponsoring Rak of Aegis.  It was a different Marketing team that handled the project, and I was texting and emailing non-stop to secure myself a seat.  I got an Orchestra seat for the 8PM show last March 5.

In the audience were the officers of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong  Mang-aawit that included Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez to name a few.

I was laughing and crying with the different characters in the story, top billed by Aicelle Santos.  It was about the struggles of girl who lives in a flooded area of the City who dreams of making it by posting a video on youtube hoping it would go viral and be invited on Ellen Degeneres show.  I will just name the more popular cast members that included Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez, but all of them gave a stellar performance.

After the curtain call, and the standing ovation, I was on my feet again, when the actual group Aegis entered the stage and performed their classic hits.  I was singing on top my lungs not caring to hit the high notes.  I would have posted pics, but my battery gave up on me.  I am close to tears hearing them perform live.  Now I know how it feels to be a fan and seeing your idol up close.

After the show, I waited at the entrances so I could have a photo of them.  I so love Aegis!!!

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