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Hallerr Baler! Day 02

I woke up relatively early on the 2nd Day.  

We went back to Hungry Surfer for breakfast and I availed the buffet once again.  It turned out to be a good choice the a la carte items took longer to arrive. After 3 returns to the buffet, 9 Suman (Steamed Sweetened Glutinous Brown Rice Wrapped in Leaves) and 4 Bananas, we were off to our first destination of the Day.

Ermita Hills

Because of its altitude, Ermita Hills offers a spectacular view of Sabang Beach and the Pacific Ocean.  The best time to visit would be early morning to catch the rising sun.  Apart from the scenery, Ermita Hills earns a part of History as the resettlement of the people of Baler during the tidal waves of 1735. The forest surrounding the hills also served as an escape for the people avoiding pirates and colonizers during the war.

Diguisit Falls

The falls is sometimes called Baby Falls, because of its size in reference to the Mother Falls we visited during Day 01.  From the road, it's a short steep assault to the basin.  Although not as well maintained as its bigger counterpart, the cool water and sight was a refreshing relief from the hot midday sun.

Diguisit and Aniao Islets

It was almost lunchtime when we reached AMCO Diguisit Resort.  The tides are low when arrived making the islet accessible for picture taking.  I took refuge under the shade of coconut trees near the swimming pool.  The only thing I brought to protect me from the sun was my Malong, so I just enjoyed the scenery near the shore.

Dicasalarin Cove

After the Diguisit, we were made to choose, whether to go back to town for lunch or pay an additional 300 pesos to visit Dicasalarin Cove.  Armed with a heavy breakfast we pushed the tour further to this destination.  The road leading to the cove is winding steep climb.  Vehicles can only enter one at a time, and communicated near the entrance.  The view from the gate is spectacular, so I suggest that you get off your vehicle to capture this view.

Before heading to the beach, we first visited the Artist Village, that is just a few steps away from the parking area.

Artist Village

The artist village houses a collection of Photographs and Paintings by local artist.  The structure itself is a sight to behold.  The building blends with the surroundings with open and picture windows.  Nothing much was happening when we arrived, but it also serves a venue for performances and workshop on some days.

The place is also known for their wood fire oven pizza.  But during our visit, they have run out of stock.  It's also because of the number of visitors that day.  As a back up plan, our Tour Guides decided to go back to buy food in town as we explore what Dicasalarin has to offer.

We settled ourselves on one of the shaded tables near the beach.  It was still hot and humid, so we decided to rest a bit.  The two kids we are with doesn't seemed to mind the weather and at 2:30, I took take them for a swim.  The beach has white sand, as compared to the grey sands of Sabang.  The dip was just what I needed to cool down.  A few minutes later, Kuya Vanky arrived with the food.

Lunch was quick, probably because our breakfast seemed ages ago.  The Bulalo and Grilled Fish from Yolly's that we had were just so good.  It didn't take long for us to get on our feet again this time to trek the lighthouse on top of the hill.  Actually, I'm not really sure what it is, some would say it's a Sundial, and others refer to it as the Erection Tower because of its stance.

A short trek along the beach would take you to the first landing of the steps to the top.  The view going up is breathtaking and even more when you reach the lighthouse.

Dicasalarin Cave

Before going back to the beach, we decided to explore the cave underneath.  Yes, there is actually a cave that connects the two coves.  According Kuya Vanky, not many people knew of the cave.  You just need to be careful with the tides, since crossing can be difficult when it's high.

After the cave, we packed up, change our clothes and went on our way back to town.  We want to be able to leave before it gets dark.  We want our driver to have full visibility of the winding steep road.

When we reached Giucelle, we took turns on taking a shower in preparation for dinner.   Luckily, our ever-reliable restaurant, Yolly's extended their operations to 24 hours.  The other van ate at the buffet next door.

To celebrate our last night, we were supposed to drink Tumbanog.  I'm not sure whether our other companions chickened out on this version of the Lambanog because of the name, but 3 of us (Ms. A, Dennis and me) gave it a try.  Actually, I think JR and Dulz decided to sleep early so they can surf the next morning.

We were suppose to just sample the drink and continue with beer, but I guess we were engrossed with each others stories that we decided to quit when only 1/4 of the bottle was left and its already 5AM.

End of Day 02, that extended tip day 03!

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