Thursday, March 19, 2015

Carcar: A Glimpse of Cebu's Past

As an Architect, we are naturally drawn to beautiful structures everytime we travel.  For this years Architect's Assembly in Cebu, the local Chapter made sure that we get a taste of the province's past by organising a tour of Carcar.  

Carcar is a City 40 kilometres down south.  What previously made the towns popular are its products.  It used to be known as the Marikina of Cebu with Baranggay's devoted to shoe making and is still known for their Chicharon.  Now, Carcar City is being promoted as a heritage destination boasting of preserved Pre and American Period Mansions and Houses. 

We were first taken to their town plaza.  I can't help but marvel at the sight of their City Museum with it's latticework, semicircular transom, carved barandillas and stained glass accents.  The structure used to be the town's Dispensary inaugurated in 1937.

Photo Grabbed from Ar. Silvestre Seno's Album
Closer view of the Transom, Latticework and Stained Glass.
The interior is just as elaborate as the facade with the latticework continuing at the Calado and the Carved Arches.  It also houses the city's collection of period furniture.

The author enjoying the view from the balcony of the dispensary.
Behind the museum is the site of the City's public pool.  It's now used as a venue for public events and gatherings.  Our lunch that included Humba and Chicharon was served in this area.

Beside the dispensary is the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria.  We were not able to enter the church anymore because of a funeral ceremony that afternoon.

There were notable houses around the city, but we just drove past them since they were privately owned.  It would have been better to get a closer look, but we were pressed for time.  Among them is the Mercado, Yap and Silva house.   The oldest can be found on Sta. Catalina St.

Before leaving the City, we passed by the Mancao House.  Another American Period Mansion that's still being used today.

I took a photo of the portrait.  Its difficult to get a good shot with 4 bus loads of tourist.

We were given loot bags of samples of OTAP, empanada and chicharon.  Our last stop was at the outlet store of the locally made footwear.

From Cebu City, Carcar was just a stop for tourist going to the more popular Oslob for the Whale Sharks.  On your next visit, make sure to include this in the itinerary and get to appreciate the province rich history.

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