Saturday, May 9, 2015

La Calaguas, The New Laboracay? Part 1

This years Labor Day weekend is a perfect opportunity to hit the beach.  With soaring temperatures, who could resist the lure of the fine white sand and cool clear waters of an Island somewhere. 

For the last 2 years, people have been flocking Boracay, hence the term Laboracay was coined.  Knowing that it would be more crowded than usual, we opted for a quieter, rustic and remote option.  We were going to Calaguas.

I originally planned the activity for the Architect Chapter organization that I lead.  I have created the invite as early as 2 months prior to attract attendees.  There were a few that responded, but as Labor Day nears, I am only left with 2 companions.  Luckily, my friends, who also adores the beach tagged along.  

I booked our 3D/2N Calaguas adventure with Roadtrip Travels.  I have joined them twice for Baler and with them, I am guaranteed of a hassle free itinerary from transportation, accommodation and island activities. 

On my first Baler trip, I joined the tour group alone, but went home with a Van full of friends. 

Apart from the destination, what make a trip memorable are the experiences and the many encounters along the way.  These are the things that not even the most advanced cameras can capture.

Part of my excitement is getting to know who else is joining our Van.  That was until; they broke the news that we are travelling by bus the night before.  I initially thought we were commuting.  I have no problems with that, but it might turn-off my companions.  I only told them of the changes the last minute. 

We were meeting at Superlines Terminal in Cubao at 9:00 PM with the bus leaving at 10:00PM.  The traffic wasn’t cooperating that evening that the drive from Makati to Cubao took more than an hour.  Nevertheless, all six of us were at the terminal by 9:30PM ahead of a few more people.  I was greeted and directed to the bus by Ms. “A” (Ate Ana) our tour coordinator who would later be known as Ms. Krissy.  It took us a few more minutes before we rolled en-route to Camarines Norte.

To be continued:

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