Friday, June 5, 2015

Pedro N Coi, A Taste of Nostalgia and Fun

I first heard about Pedro N Coi through Kris TV's feature one morning.  It's the show that prompts me to rush because I'm already late for work.

All that I was able to catch is that it was owned by Ms. Universe 3rd Runner Up Shamcey Supsup and husband Lloyd Lee.  It was one appointment at Fisher Mall that gave the opportunity for my first visit.

Unlike the usual Mall restaurants, Pedro N Coi stands out with the Street Like interiors, giving the feel of outdoor without the inconvenience of extreme heat and pollution.

Much care were put in the details with the Jeepney Dining area and Streetscapes from familiar television shows.  It was both nostalgic and fun.  The Batibot Chairs and tables with hand painted Filipinized board games was a perfect activity while waiting for your food.  This bamboo and ladder board (popularly played as Snake and Ladder) table also teaches good values, rewarding the player ladder steeps for a good deed, and slides down the bamboo by being bad.

The food comes in big portions ideal for families.    We were able to sample a few of their dishes. On my first I was able to try their Moymoy Palabok.  I brought my partner with me this time and we tried their May Asim Pa (Sinigang na Lechon Kawali, 365php) and Chukchak Chicken (Spring Chicken 395php).  Our meal was complimented with their refreshing Pipino shake.

I personally want my Sinigang Piping Hot, but the overall portion and taste is good.  I love the crunch of the chicken, but would appreciate a bit more flavour especially on the meaty parts.  The sauces provided a tangy-sweet and spicy twist to the dish.

On top of the Design, Concept and Food, Pedro N Coi, can boast about their service.  The staff are very helpful and attentive to guests concerns.  The movement from their stations to tables adds to the busy street atmosphere staying true to the concept.

Once in a while, you will get a surprise shout out based on a specific order.

We really enjoyed our impromptu visit to this restaurants and would recommend it to friends. 

Rating: 4.2 (Very Good)

  • Taste: 3 Spoons
  • Price: 3 Spoons
  • Interiors: 5 Spoons
  • Concept: 5 Spoons
  • Service: 5 Spoons 
1 Spoon = Poor, 2 Spoons = Fair, 3 Spoons = Satisfactory, 4 Spoons = Very Good, 5 Spoons = Excellent

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