Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Giving Networking Another Try with Hyper Program International

This is not the first time that I got convinced on joining a network group.  I have previously joined a group that sells pre paid loads and another that sells juice that's supposed make you healthy, and was unsuccessful.  Although I got my money's worth of the products, It did not really produced the earnings I was expecting.  I wasn't able refer, which is the very nature of the system.

I know a lot of people who are actually successful with this type of business.  I have friends who resigned on their day jobs and took the task off selling full time.  It's just that, in spite of the fact that I'm into Marketing, I don't have the time nor the convincing skills like my recruiters.

I am one of those who were raised with the idea that earning money entails hard work.

This time, I got convinced into joining HPI, mainly because, the person who referred us was more skeptic than I am. Second, it's less complicated wherein you're not really forced to sell, and earn at the same time within 45 days.

The best way to understand it is through the picture below.

credits to the owner of the slide.

I would have to admit, I'm still very skeptic at the moment, and before I offer it to anyone, I would have to experience it for myself.  I'm now obsessed on learning the system, and it appears to be promising.  The hard work part is best explained in their modules 2 and 3 which I'm slowly getting a grasp on.

The 12th cycle earning is just too tempting.  You would be getting almost the same as the 50 Week Challenge if you put in cash weekly, but for this one, you only shell out 7,350php.  I could easily spend the same on weekends.

Join me as I document my journey with HPI.  Would I be successful or not?  We'll find out in the 45 days!

I'm taking this opportunity to invite all of you who wants to embark on this hyperian journey with me.

Txt Omar (0908-8171826)

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