Saturday, October 10, 2015

One Night in Bangkok

I originally planned a 5 Day / 4 Night trip to Bangkok and Siam Reap, but because of the limited promo slot, it was reduced to 4D/3N leaving me with only a night stay in Bangkok.

My flight departed Manila as scheduled around 9:30 PM and arrived Bangkok just before midnight.  It was almost 1:00 AM when I cleared all the immigration procedure.  I decided to book a cheaper hotel, since I would only be using it to sleep.

I was up early that morning.  I  really didn't sleep much because of the excitement.

The first thing I did was secure myself of the bus ticket to Siam Reap.  I have pre booked my accommodation there, and I need to get the transport out of my worries at the start of the day.

I went to the North Bus Terminal in Mo Chit.   The ticket sellers speaks english and it was fast and convenient.

I started my temple tour of Bangkok right after that.

The first spot I went to was the Marble Temple.  Taxi is the most convenient way to get around.  My mistake was not asking the driver to wait for me.  It will only take a few minutes to explore this place.

Afterwards, I took a cab to the Grand Palace.

The Palace was beautiful but the tour can be exhausting, especially at noon when the sun is at its peak.  They have a strict dress code.  It's handy that you have a jacket with you.

I had lunch right outside the palace.  There are restaurants that line the street, but if you want to sample the street food, walk further towards the direction of Wat Pho, and you will see the stalls.

Afterwards I walked my way to Wat Po.  The temple with the reclining Buddha.  It's close to the Royale Palace, and is famous for the massage within the complex.

I was exhausted that afternoon and was really looking forward to checking in to the Hotel to rest.  For this night, I booked a room at Babylon. A Gay Man's visit to Bangkok would not be complete without it.

I got one of the Barracks room with 2 single beds for myself.  The toilet and bath is shared per floor.  After catching up on sleep, I explored the amenities that included the gym, pool, and bar.

After a few beers, I went back to the room to change for  a visit to the night market.  Since this will be my only night, I made sure I got stuff to bring home.  I made a stop for dinner somewhere close to the hotel and took a cab to Silom.

After spending most of my Thai Baht on shirts, I had a few rounds of Beer at Telephone on one of the street very similar to Malate where you could just watch people passing by.

I went back to the hotel after, for my early trip to Siam Reap.

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