Wednesday, March 9, 2016

When In Cebu: Sirao Flower Farm

The Beauty of Sirao!

Ever since a television feature of the this mountain destination in Cebu came out, it sparked the interests of tourist from all over the country... Including me!

I was surprised to find out how close it was from the city.  It's less than an hour drive, passing the overlooking attractions like TOPS and Lantaw Restaurant.

There's only one sign along the main road to the farms direction.  From the main road, you trun right.  Head straight until the road becomes narrow. We just assumed the actual location because of the vehicle that lined the side of the road.

The 1st one we visited was a privately owned flower patch with the Celosia's in bloom.  Good thing we went here, because later, we would find out that the flowers at the Sirao Flower Farm is not as vibrant.  They only charge 20 pesos as donation.

Its just four rows, but enough to capture that Amsterdam inspired shot!

The Sirao Flower Farm, the site of the television feature charges more, with 30 pesos entrance fee.  The flowers were not as vibrant, but they have windmills, snack stalls, and costume for rent to entice visitors.

Some people say its overrated, but I enjoyed the view and likes from my photo compensated for the trip.

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