Friday, March 30, 2012

Shawarma Snack Center, A Taste of Middle East in Manila

When I was still in college, I remember passing by this snack shop whenever I would go to Robinsons Place from school.  I would always get off from the jeep at the corner of M.H. Del Pilar St. and R. Salas St. to get to the Adriatico entrance of the mall.

I still remember the smell of the savory beef vertically grilled for their shawarma.  Back then, I felt intimidated since it was always full of foreigners.

A few years back, me and a friend of mine were becoming more adventurous with the food we eat.  We got bored of the usual offerings of the restaurants in the malls and decided to try food from the different international communities in Metro Manila.  Finally , we had the chance to visit Shawarma Snack Center in Malate.

Roasted Chicken with Arabic Rice

It comes with pickled vegetables, and soup for two.
Right along the street is the Shawarma stand and the grill for their Kebabs.  There's also trays containing prepared middle eastern dishes, usually the days specialty not included in the menu, so be sure to check them on your visit.

The menu is mostly kebabs of chicken, beef and lamb with a variety of breads, and side dishes.  They also have youhgurt and the tea is a definite must try.

On our last visit, we had the Shawarma, and tried the roasted chicken with arabic rice.  Initially we thought it was expensive for the price of 250 php, but the serving was good for two.  It contained half chicken over a generous bed of arabic rice.  It's best eaten which the garlic dip and the chili sauce.  Just be careful on how much chili you add to your meals, too much heat can numb your taste buds.

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