Monday, July 16, 2012

Aysees, The Best Sisig in Manila And So Much More!

I am very fortunate to be working in Pasig.  My years spent working in the city allowed me to discover restaurants, and food that's unique to the area.  

A few months back, I posted a poll question on one of my facebook page Philippine Foodtrippers on where to find the best sisig.  A friend of mine recommended Aysees near ULTRA.  Also, it ranked no.1 in list.  I was surprised on how close it is from where I work.  
Tokwa't Baboy

Pork Sisig with Egg

Lechon Kawali

On our first visit we tried the Pork Sisig with Egg and Tokwa't Baboy.  The sisig served on the sizzling plate was good, although I felt a bit bland.  But, you can adjust the taste with condiments like calamansi, liquid seasoning, and hot sauce to your liking.  The Tokwa’t Baboy was really crunchy and surprisingly a lot less grease than what I expected.  Together with the dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar and onions, it was just divine!

It became my officemates favorite lunch destination.  Last Friday, we went back and this time I was able to sample their Papaitan.  It’s a favorite of beer drinkers because it supposed to cure hangovers.  It was served on a shallow pot on top of a flaming warmer.  The hot bitter sour broth was so good, and the perfect partner to their fried and sizzling dishes.  For the less adventurous, they have the chicken sopas or mami.

Aysees is located along St. Martin St.  Pasig City, very near ULTRA.

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