Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wensha Spa Antipolo, Rising Above the Competition or Lost in Translation

View of Manila by Night
Unfortunately, I still need to report for work on a Sunday.  Once a month, we take turns on inspecting our branches, and this Sunday was my turn.  

In spite of that, I would not let the weekend pass without a new discovery whether a destination or a place to eat.  This time, I was looking for a place close to the city, since I can only leave at 6PM and only have the rest of the night to explore and save our energy for the workweek ahead.

Since we are already in Pasig, I thought of going to Antipolo to try the establishments that offers a nighttime view of the city.  As I was searching for a specific place, I stumbled upon the Antipolo branch of Wensha Spa.  We are regulars at their branch in Roxas Blvd. and thought this is worth a try.  It's dinnertime anyway, and their treatments comes with an eat all you can buffet.

Smoking Area - Bar Side
From Pasig, we took the C5 Road passing by Eastwood and took the route leading to Marikina.  We took the flyover that takes us to Marcos Highway and turned right at the intersection to Antipolo via Sumulong Highway.  Looking at the map from my phone, we thought its a complicated route but surprisingly, it took us less than 30 minutes to get there.

The spa is located on the same building that houses Cape Lupe, which I visited before.  You wouldn't miss the spa entrance at the ground floor with their hotel like reception.  It is more organized here than the Pasay Branch.  They have bollards to divide the incoming and outgoing guest and the slippers are issued on a counter unlike in Pasay where it’s all laid on the floor.  I'm not sure if they have the same rate since my last visit in Roxas Blvd., the Foot Massage costs Php680 while here, it’s Php780.  The difference is that, we were issued a stub for a beer all you can which you can claim after your treatment.

Dining Area - Bar Side
After paying and changing into slippers, we went to the lockers to change to our robes.  Their lockers looked clean and brighter than their Pasay counterpart.  Also the design is better, with the modern oriental details and graphics on walls.  After changing into robes, we went upstairs to their dining area.  The buffet is located on the common hallway surrounded by 3 dining halls.  The first is the smoking balcony that unfortunately is facing the parking and the second, is the usual dining area with the same character as the one in Pasay.  The third is more of a club, with dim lights, laser, loud music and a full bar.  We decided to take our meal at the club since the lounge chairs are more comfortable and the glass window offers an aerial view of Manila at night.  

Dinner Buffet (Standard)
Shabu-shabu Buffet
After a few rounds on the buffet we had a serving of the soft ice cream dessert.  We then went back to the lockers to shower and try the wet area.  The wet area has two hot pools, a sauna, and steam room with the usual shower cubicles.  We tried the steam room but cannot stand the heat, so we changed to our robes again and went down the basement to the treatment areas.  My partner is having a body massage while I was ushered to the foot massage area.   Unlike in Pasay where the reclining seats have an individual television with earphones, here large screen TV's are strategically located for sharing.  This was my turn off since; you cannot really immerse yourself with the treatment with the noise coming from the television across.  Its either they provide earphones or take them out totally until they do. Also, since I was seated on the nearest end, some of the other therapist would talk with each other from one end of the room to the other.  I was so disappointed that I immediately left the treatment room right after the massage.  In Pasay, I would snooze for a few minutes to savor the feeling.  The only thing consistent was the massage.

After my treatment, I went back to the buffet area to meet my partner.  Since were still full from last round of eating, we settled on the soup and noodles, and ordered our first bottle of Antonov Apple as an alternative to beers.  We stayed at the club area listening to music from Christopher Cross to Shakira.  After 2 bottles were done for the night.

If I were asked if I would recommend people to come here, I would say yes.  It’s a real value for money.  Where else can you get a buffet a massage and all the booze you can drink, at least before 1:30, the cut-off time for beers.  You just have to be more open-minded and expect that Wensha Antipolo is more of a Resto Bar that offers Spa Treatment than a Spa that offers food and drinks!  My suggestion to the management is too keep the treatment area/rooms relaxing and quiet free from conversation and television volumes, at least for as long as Spa is connected to the establishment’s name.

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