Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Woky Talky Chef: A boodle without the fight!

It's been raining the entire week. The sun would shine in the morning, but during the afternoon, it would turn dark, followed by a constant drizzle to heavy downpour as night time approaches.

I've been craving for a piping hot soup for dinner. We have explored most of the places nearby here Palanan that our options is either to have Kansi at Patpats or the Noodle soup at Susu kin.

Then I remember passing by this brightly lit small restaurant in front of 24h hotel. Now we have something new to try. We're game as long as they have soup in their menu.

The name of the corner restaurant is The Woky Talky Chef.

We were greeted by a charming man who gladly introduced us to the concept of their meals. They offer boodle fights for groups of 3-5 or more. To cater to induviduals, they have plated versions that comes in Php 75 and Php 125 options inclusive of drinks. They have three sets to choose from, Kapampangan, Cebu, and Bacolod.

Each plated set comes with a variety of viands with a complimentary soup, drink and dessert. We tried the Bacolod set or the Mazcarra as how they packaged it.

It has a stick of grilled chicken, a portion of fish, cucumber and tomato salad, cuts of fried spring rolls, a slice of embotido and adobong kangkong with rice in one plate. Actually it has a more authentic name, i just enumerated it as to how i remembered it.

It was good! It's a balanced meal with just the right portions of vegetables, and meat and a real treat for the price.

It's one of my neigborhood recommended foodie find. Check the map for the actual location.

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