Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 Out of the Top 10 'Ang Pinaka' Yummy Restaurants in Pampanga

I was back in Pampanga again last Sunday for work.

After my branch duties, I tried to research on the best places to eat in Pampanga.  I read an article about the top 10 yummiest places to eat in Pampanga as compiled by "Ang Pinaka', a local television show at QTV channel 11.

I'm so glad to report that due to my frequent trips in Pampanga, I scored 7 out of the 10, trying out the latest which is the Kambingan Row near Bayanihan Park.

We almost got lost finding the place. From Macarthur Highway, turn left at the Shell Station and the row is on the right side opposite the park.  We turn left before the gas station and have to drive around the park.  We tried asking for directions, but I think they have a different term for Kambingan.

We went to Nancy's, since it has the most customers, and they have a barbecue stand for non goat eaters.
Papaitan and Caldereta for 65 pesos each.

The others we already tried were:
1. Camalig Restaurant
2. Razon's of GuaGua
3. Susie's Cuisine

Still on our bucket lists are:
1. Binulo Restaurant
2. Atching Lilian Borromeo's Kusina
3. C'Italian Dining

Though not in the list, I also want to experience lunch or dinner at Bale Dutung.

I also have a few that I would recommend.
1. Party Place for their Buffet for less than 200php near Dolores Intersection
2. The Rellenong Bangus at Sylvias in Sindalan
3. Green Kitchen for some organic salads.  Although, I think I need to move this on my bucket list since the last time we were there, they weren't fully operational and we only had coffee.

Please feel free to comment should you want a tour or inquiries about the place and food.


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    1. Have you tried it? We always pass by the resto coming from Bataan and Bacolor, but somehow doesn't have the urge to stop. Just read about it though, and the reviews were, good! Cge next time!

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