Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Architect's Summit Day 1: Chao Long

The day has finally arrived for ASSET.  I purposely scheduled my trip early to get the most of what Puerto Princesa offers its touring guest.  The day before, I already went on the City Tour and had dinner at Ka Lui's.

For Day 1, the organizers scheduled the Opening Ceremonies, General Assembly and Seminar as well as the Welcome Dinner.

I checked out early from my hotel around 10:00 AM to drop by the Chaolong place I passed by yesterday on my way back from the tour.  I figured the formal program might start after lunch to accommodate the delayed arrival of delegates.

I remember Chaolong from my February visit.  It was the first challenge that we have to complete for the Amazing Race inspired game.  Our first instruction was to go to Viet Ville on board the assigned tricycles.  At the entrance, we were asked to find letters of this famous Vietnamese Dish, hidden in 10 abandoned resettlement houses.  Once complete, we will then present the word formed to the waiter for him to give us a fresh serving that we need to consume the fastest.

Viet Ville, is the site where Vietnamese refugees were accommodated during Vietnam War.  Only a few families remain, but the restaurant still serves the best and most authentic Vietnamese dishes in Puerto Princesa City.

Like all the sights I've visited during the race, I have no picture to document my visit.  I could not even remember the taste of Chaolong, since i gobbled it up in less than 3 minutes.

Chaolong in Palawan is different from Chaolong in Vietnamese.  In Vietnam, it refers to porridge or what we call locally as Lugaw.  The Chaolong in Palawan is called Pho in Vietnam and most of the Vietnamese restaurants elsewhere.

My Beef Stew Chaolong, I forgot the neame of the Food Stall where I got this, but it's just a few blocks away from Island Stay, going towards Ka Lui's.
The french bread, ordered separately!

It's very much like the local Mami, that also comes in different meat toppings.  The difference is the chewy rice noodle and and the sweet, spicy, savory broth.  It is served with bean sprouts, basil and calamansi on the side with an assortment of condiments.  It is best paired with freshly baked french bread.

Never leave Palawan without tasting this dish!

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