Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sulyap Gallery and Cafe

Every visit down south would not be complete without visiting Sulyap Gallery Cafe located in San Pablo, Laguna.  My first visit was April of 2012 and had been constantly coming back ever since.  We went back after a month coming from Villa Escudero on our way bact to Manila.  

After our trip to Padre Burgos in Quezon, I brought 4 friends to try and experience the food as well as the experience of dining in an old house.

Since there's five of us, we were able to share on the many viands family style.  We ordered Kare-kare, Sinigang na Liempo, Fried Tilapia and Kulawing Puso ng Saging.  They have big portions and was able to bring home some leftover.

The property is now expanding with swimming pools and accomodation to add to the restaurant and gallery!

Visit www.sulyap.net for more details.

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