Sunday, October 19, 2014

Free Items You Can Get On Your Birthday

Pinaghandaan ko talaga to!

I intentionally want to spend my birthday availing all the perks given to the celebrator.

The Preparation

1.  Check the Cards in your wallet

I happen to purchase the Ace Water Spa Card that entitles me to a free visit, and my Starbucks card gives me a slice of cake.

For the Starbucks Card, its important to have it registered online.  That's how they validate your birthday.

2.  Shop for Buffets has compiled the 10 Restaurant Where You Can Get Birthday Freebies.

Your deciding factor would be the location and how much your companion is willing to spend for you.

I would have wanted to avail of the free buffet at Vikings, but they're full 2 days before my birthday and we were at their Megamall branch 5 days ago.  Instead, I made reservations at The Food Club.

Vikings, The Food Club and Dad's are the only restaurants that let you eat free with just 1 paying companion.  The cheapest would be Dad's at 888 php, while the most expensive is The Food Club at 999 php.

My Proposed Itinerary

Breakfast at Starbucks and get the Slice of Cake
Hydromassage and Swim at Ace Water Spa in the Morning
Lunch at Dad's or Kamayan
Gym in the Afternoon to get myself hungry for the Dinner Buffet
Dinner Buffet at The Food Club

My Birthday

I treated a few friends at a Bar in Ortigas and woke up late.  Instead of having a buffet lunch, I went to avail my free pass at Ace Water Spa in Kapitolyo after a quick lunch at Ramen Cool.

The spa was a bit crowded when I arrived.  I'm not really complaining, after all I'm not really paying!

I only stayed just before 4PM to pick up my paying companion for the buffet.   We still have about an hour before The Food Club opens, so we decided to avail my free cake slice at the Starbucks beside it.

After coffee, we transferred next door to The Food Club.  We were one of the first few inside.  They have a wide selection of food and a long line of stations that included Chinese, Asian, Western, Japanese, Dessert and Beverages.  You can select pre cooked shellfish and have them prepare it anyway you like.  Wines and Beers are also included.

Here's the catch, unlike Vikings and Dad's they will charge you 1,247 for the paying companion because apparently, the 999 walk in rate is a promotional rate.  I find it a little bit deceiving.

The Free Birthday Cake
Tip No. 1: You may opt not to let the waiters sing to you!
Tip No. 2: You can have this to go!
Its not part of the no left over policy.

Instead of complaining, we ate for a record breaking 2.5 hours.  I know gluttony is a sin, but It's my Birthday and am sure He will understand.

As for the Kamayan Buffet, we already availed it lunch time yesterday, and maybe tomorrow again.

The only thing I paid for today was my lunch and the Coffee.

Hope this helps, now time to hit the gym!

But wait! There's more!

October is the Galleries and Museums Month.  The National Museums of the country are letting in people for FREE.

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