Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#TheVCExperience: Pageant Viewing More Fun at Victoria Court

The Philippine candidate to the Miss Universe failed to take home the elusive crown, but even from the start of her journey, Mary Jean Lastimosa is blessed with millions of filipino supporters.

For the live airing of the pageant, Victoria Court offered its rooms to viewing parties.  This year pageant enthusiasts were invited to HIVE Party Room in Pasig for a fund raising event benefitting HASH.

As early as 7AM, guests started arriving in excitement to see her performance and the result.  Pageant Sashes representing the favourite countries were handed out bringing the intensity of the competition to the pageant viewers.

As the Top 15 were called, the viewer counterpart wearing the sash screams with excitement.  Photos were taken during commercial breaks up to the 10 semi-finalists.

The TOP 15

The Top 10

 All were disappointed when she didn't make the Top 5, hence, the absence of the photo.

Just the same, the pageant and party continued until the crowning of Miss Columbia as the 63rd Miss Universe.

Miss Philippines quest might have ended earlier than expected, but nothing can beat the enthusiasm and dedication of the Filipino Pageant supporters.

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4th Week of My 52 Week Money Challenge

48 weeks and 136,800 to go! Yey, my 1st 1k!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Miss Universe Viewing Parties at Victoria Court

I'm not really into pageants.  It's something I would watch only when I have the chance.  That was until I met my partner.  

It was through him that I was introduced to a group of people who lives and breathes pageants.

Now, we're not contented on watching local pageants on TV but would really make an effort to see it live.

That is the reason why, for the 63rd Miss Universe, I suggested to my boss that we tap the pageant market for viewing parties.

Since it was my idea, they put me in charge of the concept and the production.

With the help of the talented Group Digicrack under the direction of Blake Sarion, this is what we came up with.

My crowning moment!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Unsolicited Thoughts on MJ Lastimosa and 63rd Miss Universe Pageant

From here onwards, most of the events that will happen in the pageant is beyond our control.  I can't help but feel sad when I see posts of Filipinos on social networks predicting the winner and its not Philippines.  The gown, and national costume, as much as we hate it is a thing of the past.  There's nothing we can do about it.  Maybe in future pageants, yes!  But for now, the only thing we are in control of is our capacity to influence and to be proud of our country and candidate.  

That's why as a Filipino, I continuously hope of the best for MJ. I choose not to give up on her chances.  I'm not really a pageant expert, so I can't really assess my top 15, all the more a top 5.  But I am claiming that the 63rd Miss Universe is Philippines MJ Lastimosa. #mjalltheway #mjforthewin

no claims over the photo!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

3rd Week of my 52 Week Money Challenge with RCBC

My 3rd deposit done for the 52 Week Money Challenge!  What's good with RCBC Access One is that I can access it using my smart phone and make transfers to My RCBC Wallet anytime, anywhere!

49 weeks and 137,200 pesos to go!

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Date with the Kids of Chosen Children's Village

The UAP Manila Corinthian Chapter had its Christmas Party last December 16, 2014.  We intentionally decided not splurge for the celebration, so that we can share whatever we save for the event to treat kids of the Chosen Children's Village to Day out of the home and do something fun.

Some members were generous enough to sponsor kids out of their own pockets.  I call them the Chapter Ninong's and Ninang.

I was able to arrange the activity weeks prior.  It was during my visit last September that got me connected to the foundation, the people working there and the Kids.  We chose December 28, to move away from the parties organised by other groups.

To let them experience something new, I have chosen Nuvali as our venue.  Its not far, and they have outdoor activities unique to place.

I met the 8 kids at 11:30 AM in time for lunch.  Together with them is Mama Joy, their caregiver, Papa Jack, the driver and their teacher.

We started with lunch at Tonkatsu.  The staff at the restaurants were amazed on how polite and well mannered these kids were.

After lunch, we were off to feed the fishes.  It was their first time to see that many fish up close.

We then went in line for the boat ride.  The queue were long, so we decided to have ice cream while waiting.

The boat ride was a short 8 minute tour of the lake.

After the boat ride, I treated them to a train ride and the kids car for a few minutes.  Just before we parted ways, I brought them to Bench to pick out an item they want.  Some of the kids picked out shirts.

Before we knew it, It was almost 5PM.  I would have to admit, I wish I could have more time with them, but we had ran out of things to do.

In behalf of the Kids, I would like to thank our Chapter, UAP Manila Corinthian, and our Chapter Ninongs and Ninangs for making the event possible for these kids.

Thank You!
1. Boysen Paints
2. Jonathan Galano-Tan
3. Sherryl and Clang
4. Ghe and Andrea
5. Gabbie Cascante
6. Omar Palero
7. Rommel Ripotola
8. Patrick Rodriguez
9. Vhic and Sheyne

Monday, January 5, 2015

UAP NAW Greenlight Movement

Being part of the Committee for the United Architects of the Philippines, National Architecture Week Celebration, our Chapter, Manila Corinthian was assigned to the Opening of Exhibit and the Culmination Night.  The National Architecture Week is celebrated yearly during the 2nd week of December.  This year's theme is:"Filipino Architects at the Forefront of ASEAN Integration 2015".  The challenge for was to come up with a culmination night that's both fun and meaningful.  Fun in the sense that it celebrates the profession, and meaningful so that its something that the participants will remember.

The culmination night falls on December 13, 2014, abbreviated as 12/13/14.  A date in succession of numbers that will never happen again in this lifetime.

It was during our barnstorming that I came up with the idea of the GREENlight Movement, inspired by the Pink Dot assembly in Singapore.

People gather at an area in Singapore with pink lights in support of Gender Equality and LGBT Rights for the Pink Dot.  In our case, I proposed, that we gather as many Architects and supporters of the profession in one area with GREEN lights in support of Green Advocacies in Architecture, Professional Unity and Empowering the Aspirants of the Profession.

For the venue, I immediately thought of the Central Park at the Greenfield District as the perfect location, but has no idea on who to approach.  I took a chance on writing a message at their official Facebook page and was ecstatic to receive a positive response.  They will not only let us use the venue, but will also let us use their sound system, the musicians, LED screen, on top of the weekend market with their biggest merchants to date.

To promote the gathering, I have created an event page and 166 people and groups confirmed their attendance.

Fast forward to the day itself.  The rain was pouring hard that afternoon and water was everywhere.  Although, they have shades made out of parachute fabric, the rain would affect the traffic and our attendance.  Fortunately, the weather improved 2 hours before the opening of the weekend market, and 5 hours before my scheduled program.

One by one, participants to the event started showing up consisting of the National Board with the National President Ar. Beth O. Regala, Professionals, suppliers and Students.  All in all, we were able to gather 167 attendees.

During the program, awards and tokens were given to the people who helped organised the activities for the National Architecture Week celebration and a Pageant was staged by the UAP Student Auxillary in search of Mr. and Ms. NAW.  It was also during the program that winners for Pundasyon, A Scale Model Making competition organised by the UAP MAGS Chapter was awarded.

The winners of Pundasyon 2.0, UAPSA UST

Mr. and Ms. NAW Contestants

Winners for the Mr. and Ms. NAW

The main highlight of the night is the GREENlighting Ceremony, which was scheduled at exactly 11PM.

We started the countdown 2 minutes before, and at exactly 11, everybody at the centre of the park were flashing their green light as we profess our commitment to the GREENlight advocacies.

In spite of the low turn-out brought about by the rain and the Christmas Rush traffic, the celebration was successful in making the culmination night both fun and meaningful.  I am hoping to make this an annual celebration, and hope that we continue to grow in numbers, and gather as many supporters who will commit themselves to the protection of the environment through the practice and love the professional and aspirants of the profession.

Getting Into the 52 Week Money Challenge

Just yesterday, my partner shared with me the link to the 52 Week Money Challenge.  It was very timely, since I just finished my New Years resolution Post, and saving was my biggest challenge.

I decided to start with the 100 peso increment.

Source: http://ph.theasianparent.com/52-week-money-challenge-philippines/
Instead of using a piggy bank, I am using a cash card (RCBC My Wallet) that I got from my bank (RCBC) for 100 pesos which I can access online.  Keep your pin secured elsewhere, so you don't get tempted to withdraw.  My initial deposit of 100 pesos is transferred  just this afternoon.  51 weeks and 137,700 to go!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking Back on My 2013 New Year's Resolution

As I was browsing through my blog entries, I stumbled upon my 2013 New Year's Resolution.
Reading through it, I realised, that a year might not be enough to accomplish all of it, because some of the items were done just this year.

1. Travel More

Needless to say, I did very well on this part.  This entire blog is dedicated to my adventures.

2. Be Fit

2014 was the year that I regained my interest in going back to the gym.  I was able to renew my Fitness First membership after trying all the major competitors, and I was glad to be reunited with my Body Jam Buddies!  I also discovered another class that I enjoy, Body Attack!

Just today, I renewed my membership for another year!

3. To save

I still have nothing to show for this item.  Although, instead of saving, I took risk on buying condominium unit in Mandaluyong due for turn over next year and got myself a retirement plan from one of the leading Insurance Companies!

4. Stay Healthy

I managed to keep myself out of the hospital for the last 2 years and my last 2 Executive Check-ups were relatively ok, except for stones revealed through my ultrasound.

5. Be more productive at work.

Early this year, I was given the opportunity to head the Marketing team for our group.  Surprisingly, in spite of the fact that its very different from my background,  it has re-ignited my passion to work.  I am once again constantly challenged, and was given a chance to be creative through a different medium.

6. Help other people

I'm really glad that I was able to visit GK Enchanted Farm and be introduced to their Walang Iwanan concept.  It was so inspiring that now, I am trying to get my professional organisation involve in helping the less fortunate and the community.  Through the resources of our professional organisation, we were able to create activities for the Asilo de San Vicente de Paul and Chosen Children Village.

7. Value Relationship More

I find this the most challenging.  With the demands of work and my professional organisation, I have a very limited time for my loved ones.  I try to keep in touch with my family in spite of the distance and to make sure that I involve my partner in my foodie exploits and adventures.

8. Blog More

If my basis would be 2013, I managed to create 104 entries as compared to 45 this year.  Hopefully next year would be better, and I also want to expand my readership.

All in all, I think I did good.  Instead of a New Year's Resolution, Im calling this my life's 5 year strategic Plan, since I'm not really changing any of them.  For 2015, which would be my 3rd year,  Im thinking of coming up with quantifiable targets to be assessed at the start of 2016.  That would be my next post.

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