Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Top 5 Foodie Finds in Pampanga

Having been assigned in Pampanga for work for more than a month, I was able to try out dishes and restaurants that made the province known for its culinary creations.  Here are my top 5 picks.

1. Aling Lucing Sisig

Located at the heart of Angeles City, finding the place can be a challenge. Click on the photo for the location details.

A visit to Pampanga would not be complete without trying the authentic and original Sisig.  They also have a wide selection of grilled items to choose from.  Remember to dress comfortably because the restaurant in non air conditioned and the best time to visit is late afternoon.

2. Mila's Tokwat Baboy

I find it easier to navigate to Milas Tokwat Baboy.  It's just parallel to Macarthur Highway close the welcome arc to Angeles City from San Fernando.

They take pride in their Tokwat Baboy, but their crispy version of Sisig is also popular.  It best paired with their Fern Salad and plenty of rice.

3. 1956 Downtown Cafe

Have you ever tried a Halo Halo sweetened by a Pastillas Cream made from Carabao's milk.  That's just one of the many must try offering s of the restaurant.  On a seperate visit, I was able to sample their Adobo Confit and the Kare Kare.
Downtown cafe is located at the Nepo Quad Center in Angeles City.

Read more of my Downtown cafe experience by clicking on the photo!

4. Apu

I discovered this award winning restaurant by accident.  I was on my way to find an ATM when I chanced upon their modern exterior with a half chopped Lechon displayed on their window.  There's nothing much to see on the first level, but the 2nd floor dining area is sight to behold.  The neutral colors are balanced with the intricately tufted leather seats and wood accents.

They take pride in their Kare-kare, but with a serving portion good for 3 persons, I settled on trying their Lechon.

Apu is located along Sto. Rosario street in Angeles City right before the Holy Rosary Cathedral coming from San Fernando.

5. The Souq

Another beautifull decorated restaurant in Pampanga is Souq, located along Lazatin Blvd. in San Fernando City.

I was a fan of their furniture collection and their venture into the restaurant business is brilliant move.  They offer fuzion food with a capampangan twist, like the Tinapa Pesto Pasta I had.

Make sure you have a big appetite the next time you visit the province.

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