Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rainy Day Food Destinations

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Usually, during these time of the month, coming out of the bed is such a challenge especially on weekends.  The lure of the cuddling under a warm blanket on a cold rainy morning is such a luxury coming from a hot and humid summer. What would normally get us moving is the smell of food.

The same applies with the rainy day destinations.  It's not really the sights that would make us go the distance but the familiar scent and warmth of meals that will bring back memories.  This is my attempt on the best food for rainy days and the best place to have them.

1.     Champorado with Tuyo
This is something you can make at home; they even have instant versions available at the supermarket.  For my Nunal sa Talampakan suggestion, order the Triple Chocolate Champorado and Tuyo at Max’s Restaurant at the Roxas Boulevard branch in Malate.  Take the window seat with the view of the bay, and watch the palm trees sway in the wind and rain rolling on the windowpane.  It’s only available for breakfast, so you can still rush back to your bed to sleep for the rest of the afternoon or continue to drive down south to our lunch destination.

2.     Bulalo
The best place to have this beef with bone marrow clear soup is in Tagaytay.  But on a rainy day, you might not have a clear view of the lake, so might as well take them at the Mahogany Market.  If driving becomes too challenging, has compiled a list of the best Bulalo places in Manila.

3.     Lomi
Chowking’s version is a real value for money, but you can get a more authentic version at one of the panciteria in Chinatown Binondo.  Batangas is a province that has high regards for this dish.  I remember visiting an eatery as far as Mindoro that serves their version of the Batangas Lomi.  It’s a bit darker from the usual version and is topped with chicharon (pork cracklings).  If you want to try the Batangas Lomi, just drive along the National Highway of the province and choose among the roadside eatery that advertises this dish.

4.     Mami
Bring your umbrellas and go to Chinatown Binondo for this.  It’s available in many flavors and toppings, which you can actually mix and match.  My favorite restaurant for this is Wai Ying on Benavidez St.  The Hong Kong style noodles are springy and they are generous with the meat and broth.

5.     La Paz Batchoy
Ofcourse this is best taken in the original town of La Paz in Ilo-ilo, but has also compile the best restaurants to have them in Manila.

Runners-up are
Hototay in Chinatown
Munggo at your local eatery
Halaan Soup at Igmaan, Dampa in Macapagal

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