Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Vios-venture: Aling Lucing's Sisig, Angeles Pampanga

Even before having a car, I have always like to discover places.  I remember a time when I traveled all the way to Pampanga just to have my workout.  I have this need to be mobile all the time.

Now that I have a car, my destinations have become farther and farther.

Last Thursday, I went back to Pampanga to visit a branch in San Fernando.  I frequent the province, but every time I explore it, I would always miss a destination.  I have visited Betis Church and Bacolor already.

This time my agenda is to visit the original stall of Aling Lucing believed to be the birthplace of Sisig.

I googled for its location but all I got was the address.  It was located along G. Valdez St., where the red pin on my map was dropped.

The blue path on my phone was impossible due to road blockage and instead, I drove straight along MacArthur Highway passing Angeles University Foundation till I reached the corner of P. De Guzman St.  Instead of turning right, I turned left to the direction of the pin which was a mistake.  I hould have just turned right to where the blue dot on my map was located.

Since its already four in the afternoon, parking was easy.  I am assuming that it gets packed during meal time.
Aside from Sisig, they also offer other grilled items and vegetable side dishes.
But I came for the house specialty.  My bill was a little over 200 pesos for an order of Sisig (good for sharing), Rice and a softdrink.  It was so worth the trip.  Unlike the canned version you can see and taste the chunks of pork cheeks and meat. 
It was a quaint Turo-Turo restaurant decorated with photos documenting different milestones of Aling Lucing and the Restaurant.
This is a definite must stop when visiting Angeles, Pampanga

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 3 of Alindog Pagbigyan Mo Na Ko Program

At last, I'm on my track to the healthier new me.

I managed to sleep before 12MN and was up by 6:30.  I struggled to sleep for another hour, since I was required a minimum of 7 hours worth of sleep, but decided to have breakfast instead.  I ate the other half of the chicken breast left over from dinner and 3 spoonful of pasta.

By 7:30 AM, I was at the gym.  It was a challenge trying to find a parking space, even at that early in the morning.

I was able to do my chest and back workout.  Its been close to 8 months from the last time I went to the gym and my stats are low.  But, that's expected, after all, this just the 3rd day.

My Meals:
1/2 Chicken Breast
3 spoonful of pesto pasta (leftover from dinner)

Morning Snack
Fruit Juice

Low Calorie Chicken
Calamansi Juice

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2 of Alindog Pagbigyan Mo Na Ko Program

Notice how I started my blog with Day 2, since Day 1 didn't happen.

Last Saturday, I was so eager to clean out my closet, that I started at 10PM and ended at 6AM Sunday morning.  I had very little sleep that day, not to mention that we would be spending the night at Las Pinas.

Monday morning, I was so tired and felt useless should I come to work that I asked to be excused. Since I was in a hospital that morning, I took the opportunity to get a check up.  In short, I spent the afternoon of Day 1 sleeping.

Today is my Day 2, and was scheduled to do a 20minute continuous cardio workout.

I left the office early, 10 minutes past  6 to drive myself to Slimmers World, Pasay Road.  Surprisingly, the traffic cooperated with me that I was in Ayala Center at 7PM.  Please note that Park Square is now closed and the nearest parking lot would be Thomas Square beside Raffles, if your coming from EDSA, turning right at Pasay Road.

My 20 minute cross training got interrupted since another person reserved it for 7:30.  I was 12 minutes into the workout.  I was able to transfer and continue the other 10 minute at another machine.

I was able to grab myself a few healthy stuff for dinner at SM after the workout.

Day 2 Meals

Hamdesal from Mcdo and Coffee

Grilled Fish, Side Salad, 1/3 of a grilled corn cob and fesh calamansi juice

Afternoon Snack
2 Saging na Saba

1 cup Pesto Pasta
1/2 Chicken Breast
1 cup Vegetable Soup

I intend to workout first thing tomorrow morning, and the program states that I should have 7-9 hours of sleep.  I only have less than an hour before bedtime, and hopefully Day 3 would go as I planned. Tomorrow is my back and chest day!  Wish me luck!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Balik-Alindog Program, or Alindog, Pagbigyan mo na ko Program

18th day into the year and here I go again.

When I was writing my new years resolution, I checked the dates of the scheduled holidays to more or less plan my trips.  I realized that Holy week is coming early this year.  The last weekend of March.

It means that the beach season will come early.  Although I have been to 2 beaches in the first two weeks of the year, this is the type where you show up to be seen.

My recent photos proved that I really need a Balik-Alindog program.  But, I think I should call it, Alindog, pagbigyan mo na ko program!

Same time last year, I promised to commit myself to a 70 day workout program I've downloaded from the net.  Last year, I started out good!  Unfortunately, I fell on the open flooring that will become the office gym last February, and made it difficult for me to run and continue the program.  Hopefully, this year, my bones have recovered.

Just last week, a cash gift celebrating our CEO's birthday comes as a welcomed surprise, enabling me again to enroll myself to a 3 month gym membership.

My Day 1 is going to be on Monday, January 21 and the 70th day is just in time for Easter Sunday.

Just like last year, It is required that you take your before photo, date, weight and waist measurement.

Tools, in measuring my success!
The Old Me

Date: January 18, 2013
Weight: 76.5Kg.
Waist: 37.5 inches

My Week 0 is on Sunday!

I know this year, I will be successful.

Alindog.... see you on Easter!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Personal Vision Board

Last January 3, I posted my new years resolution.
A few days after, we were given an assignment at work to make our individual 2013 vision board, Here's mine!

Live like a beauty queen.

I'm not joining any pageants.  What I find inspiring is the discipline to attain their goals.  The hard work and diet and constant learning.  Janine Tugunon's success from her National Pageant up to the bagging the 1st runner slot at Miss Universe 2013 is a product of her dedication to her dream.  I am committing myself to mine.

Travel More

We were mobile on the first day of the year having spent new years day in Cebu and back to Manila the day after.  Just last weekend, we went to Borawan in Quezon Province.  I want this year to be a year of discoveries.  I want to visit places I've never been.  But, I wouldn't mind going back to my favorite places.

Be Fit

I always enroll myself to a gym membership at the start of the year.  I always start with my 70 day program, but an accident February of last year made me quit 35 days into the program.  I intend to complete the training this year.  I was able to enroll myself just this afternoon, and I intend to start on Monday.

Maintain a Strong Relationship with Love Ones

I want to be a better person.  A good boyfriend to my partner, a good son to my mother, a brother to my sisters, and the best uncle to my nephews.  I want my decisions be based on what would make them happy and be proud of me.  I don't want to do things I will eventually regret and cause distance with them.  I want to be the bestfriend to all the people I know, and an inspiration to my staff and peers.

Be Healthy

Being healthy is different from being fit.  I will never get sick, and promise to take my vitamins and eat healthy.  I will be nicotine free in 2013.

To Save, Earn, Win, my first Million

I'm not getting younger and intend to start being financially secured.  Things are looking good this year.  Just yesterday, we were given cash gifts in celebration of our CEO's birthday.  I was able to start 3 of my goals with the cash gift.  Enroll myself in the gym and pay for my airfare for the Architects assembly in February.

Be Productive

Waking up early is a challenge for me.  I'm not promising to be on time at work, but I intend to accomplish as many things in a day.

Join More Outreach

I am connected to a lot of advocacy groups and intend to do more of that this year!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Groom's Speech, Best Groom

I have been hosting weddings for years now.  And during those years, I have been a witness to a lot of speeches.  I can help but get emotional, especially when the couple are lost for words, in tears, but just very overwhelmed and unaware of how to express the joy they're feeling.

Watching this video, made me realize how fortunate I am, to be a part of their very special celebration of love.  To all the couples who gave me the opportunity to host their wedding, Thank You!

Yakan Weaving Village, Zamboanga

This is actually my third visit to the Latin City, and on my previous visits, we would always go to the Canelar Barter for pasalubong shopping.  At the barter, you can choose from the many stalls offering Batiks, shawls, and goodies coming from the Malaysia.  My favorites would be the Apollo Wafers and the Maggi Curry.

This time, I was looking for something unique.  I read from Cebu Pacific's in flight magazine Smile about the Yakan Weaving Village included on the must do list.  After our morning trip to Sta. Cruz island, we decided to drop by the village, on our way to La Vista del Mar for our lunch.

There, the Yakan community, originally from Basilan creates wallets, table cloth, runners and other novelty items from the woven fabric.   They will even let you see how they weave the fabric using traditional methods, right behind the stalls.

I hope that the few hundreds of pesos spent there help save the art and the craft. I encourage my readers visiting Zamboanga City to do the same!

Friday, January 4, 2013

More of Zamboanga City, Lutong Pinoy Resort Restaurant

Restaurants in Zamboanga are scattered around the city.  When, Paseo del Mar opened,  they were able to accommodate a smaller branch of these favorite dining places in one place, complemented with the view of Sulu Sea.

Tucked hidden in the area of Tugbungan, is a resort restaurant named Lutung Pinoy.  They specialize in Filipino Favorites, but it's the restaurant perched on a boating lagoon that makes it special.  The place is less crowded ideal for long conversations with family and friends.  The resort has swimming pool, picnic huts, boating area and fishing lagoon to keep you busy during the day.

The meals were great, reminds me of home, and the price very reasonable.  For a different dining experience in Zamboanga, visit Lutong Pinoy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My New Year's Resolution

Here are my goals for 2013.

1. Travel More

Here's a diagram on how to strategically file your leaves to make the most of your weekends.


2. Be Fit

I was so surprised to find out that holy week would come early this year. The last weekend of march.  That means I have to start my 70 day program not later January 20.  I was able to grab myself a copy of the heart of the champion program.  Actually I started following the program same time last year.  But an accident in the office created an injury that made it difficult for me to run so I stopped.  Hopefully this year, I will be able to complete the program.

3. To save

I will try to limit my splurging on travels.  I will sleepover the hotel more and seek all opportunity to earn extra income, LEGALLY!

4. Stay Healthy

I promise not to forget my daily doze of Vitamin C at least 2000mg. 1 Multivitamins, at least 2 Fish and my latest addition Lysine, its suppose to prevent cancer.  I also intend to quit smoking this year.  Today, I had 5 half consumed sticks.

5. Be more productive at work.

I can't promise not to be late, but I would commit myself to accomplish more in a day.

6. Help other people

I am involve with a lot of advocacy groups and participate on outreach programs.  This year, i intend to do more of that.

7. Value Relationship More

I want to be he best boyfriend to yuyung, the best son to my mom, and brother to my sisters, and uncle to my nephews, and friend to my friends, workmates and bosses.

8. Blog More

I intend to document my progress and in case I forget these resolutions, don't hesitate to remind me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting The Year with a Great Meal, Overcoming Fears, and Friends

I'm not talking about the Media Noche, its the lunch after all the revelries. Now that I'm back in Cebu, I would not miss this opportunity to to try out the famous Zubuchon. I've been seeing this a lot from friends post of their visit in Cebu. Also, on my way here last Christmas Day, I saw an article at Smile Magazine about it, and its been haunting me since then. Fortunately, I check their FB page and saw that all stores are open for New Year's Day. Finally!

Some would say it's a bit overrated, but I don't really care, especially with how much rice I've consumed!
Half Kilo of Zubuchon at 280php
Dinuguan, or Dugu-dugo to the Cebuanos
Kamias Shake, beverage of choice for the Lechon
For this Lay-over, we were able to find a cheaper place to stay.  We got a deluxe room at Roseate Pensione for less than 900php that comes with a breakfast for two.
After lunch, we rested a bit, but the view of the imposing Crown Regency nearby, makes me want to try the Sky Adventure.

We went there late in the afternoon just in time for sunset.
Entrance to the Sky Adventure is 250 for adults and 200 for students.
The edge ride or skywalk would cost an additional 300php making it a total 550 that includes a souvenir certificate.
Additional 200 to the 550, lets you do both.

Panoramic View of Cebu Skyline
We opted to do the Edge ride as recommended by the attendant.  It's a quick and thrilling ride, but i think the sky walk would have given us more adrenaline rush.  At least I have another reason to go back to Cebu.
The first turn is a bit scary, but you'll adjust with ride.  You can actually control the tilt.
After Crown Regency, we went to Ayala for dinner at Casa Verde, another local restaurant that serves American ribs, steaks and sandwiches, just to name a few.

Steak and Pasta

Watermelon Salad

Brian's Ribs, Casa Verde's  Bestseller!
We had coffee to end the night, before heading back to the Pensione house, to prepare for the 3am flight back to Manila.

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