Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ba Noi's, A New Vietnamese Restaurant in Kapitolyo

If you're looking for places to eat in Pasig outside the malls, then head for Kapitolyo in Pasig.  East Capitol Drive is becoming popular to foodies with different establishments offering a variety  of food options.

The latest addition to the restaurant row is Ba Noi's that serves Vietnamese food.  Parking can be a challenge especially during lunch hours. The interiors was simple. Wood furniture complimented the white walls decorated with black and white photographs of Vietnam.  I made a visit last Friday to try their Pho Bo (beef noodle) paired with Sub-zero San Mig Light.  I will definitely come back to sample the other items on their menu.

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Bellinis, One More Chance in Cubao Expo

On the same Saturday that we went to Antipolo, we still have a dinner meeting to attend to.  We were in charge of recommending the place to eat.  We were running out options until we thought of recommending Bellini's inside Cubao Expo.

This would not be my first time to visit the restaurant and Cubao Expo.  There was a time in my life that I was there almost every night for a bottle or two of Red Horse at Mogwai.  But since the place closed down, my visit becomes less and less and this return is long overdue.

Our first time at Bellini's was influenced by the movie "One More Chance" starring John Lloyd Cruz and  Bea Alonzo.  This is their hang out place in the film.

Inside, its as if you've been instantly transported to Italy with the brick accents and paintings that covers every inch of the wall and ceiling.  Models of Italy's landmarks also adorns the walls.  Unfortunately I was not able to take a photo of the Interiors because I was so excited with the food.

Our corner table at Bellini's, Photo grabbed from

 As what the name implies, they serve authentic Italian dishes.  The have a wide selection of Appetizers, Pizza and Pasta.  On our visit, a singer/musician was playing love classics.  Waiters are prompt to attend to our needs plus the Italian owner drops by at our table to make sure were having a great time. A bottle of Red complimented the meals we ordered.

Dinner lasted longer than usual,  but it usually does in a nice restaurant, great meal and the best company of friends.

Four Meat Pizza
Tuna Pasta
Spinach and Ham Ravioli

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Antipolo Rediscovered Part 3: Cafe Lupe

PintoArt Museum was a great discovery for us.  It restores my faith of Art in the Philippines.  

We took the same route back until we reached the main road, but instead of taking the Ortigas Extension road, we opted to take the Sumulong Highway to see the view Antipolo is known for.  We passed by a lot of establishments where the higher view is appreciated, but the roadwork and steep road made it difficult for me to make turns and ended up at Cafe Lupe, just a few meters before Masinag.

On the same complex is where you'll find Wensha, which we previously visited.  Thirsty from the tour of the Museum, we got ourselves cold refreshments and beer for me, paired with pizza.

We would have stayed to watch the sunset and the night lights, but was committed for a dinner get together with friends which I will write about on my next entry.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Antipolo Rediscovered Part 2: Pinto Art Museum

After the satisfying meal at Crescent Moon Café, we went to indulge ourselves with a showcase of Filipino Artistic Creations at Pinto Art Museum.
To get there from the café, you need to drive back to Antipolo Church.  Before reaching the Ynares Complex is an intersection.  Turn right at Grand Heights Rd.  This will take you to the Village entrance where you will need to pay 25php per vehicle.  Inside you will see the Village bulletin board and in front of it is Pinto Art Museum.
The tour of the Museum costs 150php per head.  You may opt to go guided or just explore it yourself.  It’s a large property that houses outdoor sculptures, paintings in different medium and installation art. You need to be prepared for the long walk. And if you’re arriving early in the afternoon, I suggest that you wear comfortable clothing.
If you find an artwork that interests you, prices are available at the office near the entrance.  They allow picture taking and we took a lot.  
Check out the sights at Pinto Art Museum with our photo collection.

Complete Antipolo Road Trip Itinerary:

10:00 AM Called 02-6583866 Crescent Moon Cafe contact number to make reservations
10:30 AM Pick up friends in Mandaluyong
11:00 AM Gas Up at Ortigas Extension (500php)
12:25 PM Arrived at the Cafe
1:30 PM Finished Lunch (350php/head) Toured the pottery production area, Depart for Pinto Art Museum
2:00 PM Arrived at Pinto Art Museum (150php/head Entrance Fee)
3:15 PM Depart for Cafe Lupe
3:45PM Arrived at Cafe Lupe (150php/head estimated budget for a pizza and drink)

Road trip budget per head: 775php/head

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