Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Puerto Princesa and El Nido Trip Condensed with list of Expense

Day 1 October 24, 2013
11:15 AM ETA Puerto Princesa
11:30 AM Check-in at My Hotel (Island Stay, 950 pesos/night)
12:00 NN Lunch at a Turo Turo Near the Hotel (65 pesos)
1:00   PM City Tour (Booked Through Island Stay, 600 pesos)
                 Pasalubong 170 pesos for the Cashew Butter
                 Bakers Hill Hopia Munggo, 45 Pesos
5:00   PM Back in the City
7:00   PM Dinner at Ka Lui's, 545 pesos
9:00   PM Night Out, Went for a foot massage instead at Boracay Spa, 350 pesos

Total Expense for Day 1: 2,725 pesos

Day 2 October 25, 2013
7:00   AM Breakfast (Chaolong plus French brad and Pepsi, 100 pesos)
12:00 NN Check-out at Register at the Summit (Legend Hotel)
1:00   PM Chapter Presidents Assembly
4:00   PM Check-in
5:00   PM Went to Roro Terminal to confirm Bus Schedule, 300 pesos
6:30   PM Welcome Dinner
9:00   PM Night Out (Went to place, I cant divulge, hehe, 1000 pesos)

Total Expense for Day 2:  1,400 pesos

Day 3 October 26, 2013
8:00 AM  Honda Bay Tour (1,100 pesos)
                 Aqua Shoes 150 pesos
                 2 packs of cigarette  100 pesos
3:00 PM Back at Puerto Princesa
10:00 PM Night Trip to El Nido (285 pesos via Roro Bus)
                 Tricycle to the Terminal 80 pesos
                 Piatos 25 pesos

Total Expense for Day 3:  1,740 pesos
Day 4 October 27, 2013
4:00 AM Arrival at El Nido (tricycle to Tay Miloy, 40 pesos)
6:00 AM Breakfast (180 pesos)
8:00 AM El Nido Tour A (700 pesos)
                 Environmental Fee (200 pesos)
                 Kayak (700 pesos)
                 2 Red Horse at 7 Commandos (150 pesos)
5:00 PM  Back at the Resort (Room 1000 pesos for 2 nights plus 400 for Transpo)
7:00 PM Dinner (500 pesos for Dinner at Art Cafe)

Total Expense for Day 4:  3,870 pesos

Day 5 October 28, 2013
5:30 AM Morning Trip to Puerto Princesa
                 Tricycle from Terminal to Airport (200 pesos)
                 Terminal Fee (100 pesos)
                 Cup Noodles at the Airport (70 pesos)
12:00 NN Flight Back to Manila
Found This at the Taytay Van Stop going back to Puerto Princesa

Total Expense for Day 5:  370 pesos

Total Trip Expense: 10,105 pesos

There are cheap alternatives to what I did, and most of the food and accommodations are good for two.  This is what I have to shell out since I'm a solo traveller.

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